The Fox Knight and the Black Lion

Hey everyone. How have you been?

Recently joined this Sketch your Superhero contest and got into the top 10. If you’re on facebook, drop by and vote for mine. =) The support would be greatly appreciated. =) Just like my illustration if you think it’s awesome enough. =)


Like it here. =)

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International BADASS Day!!!


It’s been a year since  BADASS: The Roleplaying Game That Kicks Logic in the FACE came out. Check it out here if you guys haven’t.

Black and white artworks were done by me. =)

And i still owe them the artworks for the next BADASS game. Hopefully it’ll be out this year. =)

And my last 20 artworks before that.

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Buried but still very much alive

A nameless hero makes his stand.

We are still on for 20 more black and white artworks. Just a little occupied with some deadlines at work. Several actually. But that’s not going to stop us from getting to the end. It’ll just stall us and make the finishing blow just even more dramatic. The last 20 artworks are well on their way and i will upload them all at the same time.

For now here are some old artworks.

Beginning with the one above: this is a piece inspired by the Kamen Rider series. Has all the classic elements: mysterious hero on bike, half spider half human beast, and a henshin pose. =p

Baseline the Grappler. Originally this character had a suit of armor and a huge, bazooka sized grappling hook mounted on his back.

Justice. Blind swordsman. He was just a lot of fun to draw.


Will you look at that… I forgot i actually drew this one afternoon. Making him younger and slimmer. And throwing in a little Vegeta space suit to his uniform.

I knew I drew Voltes V at one time and i got busy and forgot all about it. Now i can’t leave this unfinished. =)

Thanks for dropping by everyone. Keep coming back. There will definitely be more coming.

Til the next time.


Kagemusha (Shadow Warrior)

We’ve never really given him a background story as he was the last one to join us. All we know is that Kagemusha follows the Way of the Beautiful Fighter and that he covers his face with a full mask ala-Vega to protect it and has really long white hair. And clad in red and black armor.

I swear you were born to be a Ninja of the Scorpion Clan from Legend of the Five Rings. You had their aesthetics down short of a Scorpion Clan Mon years before the were even known.

So those are my main inspirations for your redesign. A bit of the old Shadow Warrior, Vega, the Faceless Ones and the Scorpion Clan. I tried to put in a little Flame of Recca but just wouldn’t fit in. =p Oh and Hakumen!

And the other half I owe you for this really late birthday gift:



Kagemusha was born to an influential family of the Shadow Clans. Throughout time they have been played pivotal roles in the rise and fall of empires. But not even once have they been named in the books of history. For their existence is a great secret to those who hold power. They are assassins who strike from the darkness and devour the souls of their prey as they melt back into the shadows.

Kagemusha’s coming to this world was a dark day. He was born a beautiful child with silver white hair and porcelain skin. And for the Shadow Clans this was an ill omen that foretold their fall. Some say it was sign that the whole clan was to pay for all the lives they’ve taken.

Kagemusha was hated by the clan as he grew. His hair made it impossible for him to hide in the shadows or blend in a crowd. He was an utter failure. His masters believed he would never be an assassin.

Spiting his masters’ and peer’s disdain, he trained night and day. Some say during one moonless night the devil came to him and offered him mastery over the darkness like no mortal has.

Whether there was truth to the tale or no, from that night on, Kagemusha’s abilities grew at a surprising rate. He surpassed all his peers and eventually even his masters were unable to detect his presence as he hid in the darkness.

The clan believed Kagemusha would lead them to a new era and to a different level of mastery over the ways of the shadow.

However Kagemusha had different plans and preferences.

In secret, along side the way of the shadow, he learned the way of the beautiful fighter. And Kagemusha preferred loud flashy moves over killing in the dark.

His motto was “If you can’t do it with style and flair, don’t!”

The shadow clans drew their blades and attacked him. But no one could land a blow as he gracefully disarmed each and everyone who came to him before soaring up and landing perfectly up on a high cliff looking down at his clansmen… with the sun shining behind him… casting his shadow over all below.

“Kill us all! Or we hunt you and kill you for this shame you’ve brought on our clan!” shouted his masters.

Slowly Kagemusha pushed to the side of his face stray strands of his silver white hair. And softly he said,


“I wish you all to live… Live in humiliation under my shadow as i have all these years under yours.”

And he walked away, his beautiful silver white hair followed him flowing in the gentle breeze. He vanished as he walked into the light.


Happy Birthday, Kuya Ian. =)

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Day 80 Super Saiyajin 3 Goku


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Day 79 Mr. Satan and Buu

Mr. Satan, Champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament! With his friend Buu. =)

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Day 78 Broly

Densetsu Super Saiyajin Broly laid waste to an entire universe at the opening of the movie. This monster fueled by limitless fury and bloodlust was unstoppable! And single handedly took on and took down all 5 of the main Z soldiers at the same time.

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